Please read below before filling out form.

In order to ensure the chemistry is right to meet, I require anyone interested in meeting with me to fill out the form below. For those with a simple inquiry, you may email me at [email protected]. Please note – I am selective about those with whom I meet. In order to better improve your chances, make sure you’re polite, respectful, and represent yourself and what you’re seeking in an honest fashion. Disrespectful or inarticulate submissions will be discarded.

Once a form is submitted, I will be in touch to discuss scheduling and the deposit. I require a deposit for all meets in order to secure the time. Deposits will be applicable to our time together.

My studio is located just outside of Boston along route 2. Clients also have the option to meet at upscale hotels or at other available dungeon spaces. Additional fees may apply for accommodations and my travel time. For those with whom I become better acquainted – we may be able to meet in your home, should that be an option.

I am also available to travel to, or with, select individuals with whom I become well-acquainted. If this is of interest to you, please note this in your booking form so that we may discuss the details.


My schedule is a full one. I am rarely available for same-day requests and those are saved for those individuals I am familiar with. All others can expect at least 24 hours between submitting a booking form and a session.

I expect all those looking to schedule a session to be familiar with the information on this website.