Sweet nothings...

“As a woman (or just like, me as a person), I was very nervous to even reach out to Mistress. She is the first Domme I’d even considered contacting. To say I was nervous is a gross understatement. That being said, I have absolutely no regrets about contacting her for our first meeting. She put me at such ease that I could tell right away I could put my trust in her, I was so glad I was right. I had my first sesson in October and I haven’t looked back. She’s helping me learn so much about myself and what I can do. The things she comes up with are ingenious, scary, and wonderful. The more we play, the more trust we have in each other. She’s amazing and I’m truly lucky to be able to call her both Mistress and friend. Any fears and hard/soft limits I have (and are still figuring out) are more than respected. I feel very lucky.”


“I recently had the pleasure of serving Mistress Jade Desires. I could write at length to describe how amazing this session was, but will try to summarize. Mistress Jade is very professional, sexy, genuine and intelligent.

“I have sessioned many times over the past 15 years but this was the best session I have had. The session focused on tease and denial and on a 1-10 scale it was 12. I have read reviews when slaves claim to have been in subspace and I never felt I was close to that. With this session I clearly was in that space, I forgot where I was. I can honestly say I would never want to see another Domme other than Mistress Jade!”

~~Slave C

“Never can i forget the amazing experience I had with Mistress Jade Desires. From the moment we started communicating about setting up a session, all the way to the moment we said goodbye, the experience was nothing short of perfect. Mistress Jade’s professionalism, preparation, attention to and care for detail, Her overall confidence and sexiness, Her ability to understand me and push my buttons, the way She touched me, talked to me, used me, all of it was excellent. Hopefully i will get another opportunity to serve Mistress Jade.”


“Jade Desires is the real deal.  She is intelligent, sophisticated, and sexy.  Her knowledge, confidence, and experience shine through in her communications and in person.  If you are looking for someone with the unique ability to craft an experience that is inclusive of your interests and fetishes while still maintaining the feeling of an authentic D/s exchange, look no further.  The sessions I’ve had with her are among the best I’ve ever had.” 


“I’ve done multiple sessions with Jade and continue to see her. Jade is highly intelligent, thoughtful, and perceptive and she leverages these capabilities through observation, gauging where I’m at, and carefully pushing my boundaries in ways that has heightened the experience of each session.  She understands that the experience of a BDSM session comes not just from the physical experience but the mental and emotional experience that comes with it.  She works all three of these areas with great skill.  In addition, Jade is a consummate professional and follows a strict set of safety protocols as she does her work.  Jade’s space is impeccable, very clean, private, and well laid out.  Prior to seeing Jade, I had seen other Dommes but none of them had the combined set of skills and attention to detail I’ve experienced with Jade Desires.” 


I’ve been playing with Jade for over 3 years now and my life has been much fuller as a result. She is trustworthy, respectful, aware, open-minded, adaptable, and able to improvise extremely well. I’ve honestly never experienced a better blend of bondage, role-playing, tease and denial. Jade makes the effort to understand me and to craft creative sessions that surprisingly challenge me in all the right ways. Jade is a gem. No, really! 😉 “

 –Eager Beaver 

The first time i met Mistress Jade i remember how She immediately took control in a very deliberate and calm way making me feel safe yet incredibly vulnerable at the same time. There was no doubt that Mistress Jade was in control and i knew right away i was going to push myself to try to make Her proud. i was not mistaken, Mistress Jade gracefully took me right up to my limits over and over, again and again gently pushing them further and further each time. Looking back at it i didn’t even realize what She was doing at the time, but She definitely did.

Each time i have served Mistress Jade has been uniquely different. Mistress tortures and teases every single part of my body in so many different ways my mind can’t keep up. She fills me up until i can’t take any more and then She makes me take more, just for Her. Mistress makes me marry the pain She creates to the pleasure She grants so the lines are blurred. Mistress Jade seems to find new buttons to push and new limits to expand each time and i leave each session feeling amazing, used and worn out in all the right ways. i love how Mistress seems to genuinely enjoy every aspect of what She is doing which makes me enjoy every second even more knowing She is having fun.

When Mistress allows me to look into Her eyes they are so deep and warm it is impossible to describe but if you have ever experienced it or ever get to experience it you will know what i mean. They draw me in so deep and make me feel calm. The control in Her eyes is special and breathtaking.

Mistress is demanding yet fair, kind yet wicked and incredibly beautiful inside and out. i look forward to being able to serve Mistress for as long as she will allow me to.”