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Making Yourself Useful: Service Submission 101

Making Yourself Useful: Service Submission 101 Both myself and other professional Dominant women I know are frequently contacted by folks looking to “serve us.” Many people think service involves offering sexual activities and/or being on hand to receive free play in the form they desire. While this can certainly be a part of service some […]

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So You Want to See a Professional Dominant

Whether you’re completely new to contacting a professional Dominant or someone who has seen several providers over the years – it’s important to know the proper steps and etiquette when it comes to requesting their services. If you’re seeking out a professional, you’re seeking their services for a reason. Whatever it is you desire from […]

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Sensual Embrace

It’s been a while since I listened to the podcast The People of Kink, but when I’m speaking with new friends or clients, I frequently think about the question the host Crazy Heart would open with in the early episodes: “What is your earliest memory of kink?” When I first heard the question, it took me […]

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