So You Want to See a Professional Dominant

Whether you’re completely new to contacting a professional Dominant or someone who has seen several providers over the years – it’s important to know the proper steps and etiquette when it comes to requesting their services.

If you’re seeking out a professional, you’re seeking their services for a reason. Whatever it is you desire from them, you want it to be a good/memorable, if not an exceptional experience. That begins with you. 

First of all, decide what you’re looking for. If this is your first time and you’re nervous, you may want to seek out someone who has a lot of experience with newcomers. If you’re seeking a complete sensory deprivation experience that requires a lot of leather, latex, or a medical session of some kind, you need to find someone who has access to that particular kind of gear and equipment. If you’re looking for play involving humiliation or hypnosis, you’ll want to find someone with that skill set. The specificity of your needs should drive part of your search.  

You also want to find a professional whose style suits the experience you’re seeking. Are you looking for someone stern, sensual, cruel, demanding, etc.? While most professionals have a range of personas to suit a variety of interests, you want to ensure your desires are aligned with their particular interests and style so that you’re both equally engaged in your play.  

The easiest way to find a professional is to do a quick search on the internet. Certain websites like Eros, Tryst, Sinsearch, DickieVirgin, MistressElite, etc. may help you along. Once you find a professional you think might offer the experience you’re looking for, it’s important to vet the individual. Do they have a current website? A web-presence? Most professionals have both, and their social media accounts can give you a deeper look into their style and skills and give you more confidence in your choice. If you happen to find someone who doesn’t have a website or a web presence of some kind, be cautious. There are a lot of people pretending to be Dominants out there looking to take advantage of those seeking someone to accept and encourage their proclivities. 

Once you find someone you think is right for you, and you wish to book a session, make sure you follow their protocols for booking a session. Most professionals have a booking form for you to fill out. Fill this out honestly and completely. Professional Dominants are busy people and having to request missing, incomplete, or inaccurate information makes for a poor first impression. 

If you’re still unsure about booking a session, I highly suggest emailing the individual to inquire about scheduling a phone, video, or in-person consultation to get to know them further. Many professionals offer consultations for a smaller fee. Investing in a consult prior to committing to a session can not only help you solidify your decision, but also alleviate some initial nerves while ensuring the provider is right for you.

  • Follow the providers booking process. This bears repeating because it will demonstrate you can follow direction, a prerequisite to earning our attention.  
  • Communication is key: be thorough in explaining what you’re seeking, but also be concise. The more quality information you provide, the easier it will be for the Dominant to craft a memorable experience for you both.  
  • Be respectful. Many professionals field a lot of emails and inquiries, and those that stand out in our selection are those that are well-crafted and polite.  
  • Keep emails to a minimum. Again, we field a lot of communication daily. Respecting our time is an easy way to earn our respect and attention.  
  • Extra credit: while this isn’t expected, if you truly wish to make an impression with a Dominant you’re interested in seeing, send a small gift (a tribute, something from their wishlist, a gift card, etc.) to show them you’re serious about standing out among other admirers.  

Following these rules will have you coming across as thoughtful, respectful, and ultimately someone we’ll want to engage and play with.  

Wishing all you explorers the best of luck in finding and exploring what you seek.  

With love in pleasure, 

Jade Desires